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  Happy with the...
would use again and would recommend
by jim e on 09/16/2014
  House painting and...
This is the second time we have used this company. We love...
by gary a on 09/15/2014
  Great Job
Antonio and Robert did an outstanding job painting our...
by bob n on 09/14/2014
  Excellent work!
We 1st contracted Arizona Painting to paint the exterior...
by conrad k on 09/12/2014
  Painting &...
I have used AZ Painting in the past and I've been very...
by cindy b on 09/12/2014
  First Class...
The Arizona Painting Company recently painted our entire...
by Nicole H on 09/10/2014
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Gilbert House Painter – Exterior House Painting

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: July 20th, 2014

It’s always fun when you get to see such a huge transformation on a paint job. We paint several homes each week and most of them are color matches or similar colors so we like to post the more extreme color change cases. This house in the Islands HOA in Gilbert was completely repainted and was a huge color change.  Prior to our Gilbert house painter arriving at the jobsite this home had not been painted in over

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Car Wash Painting – Commercial Painter in Phoenix

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior, Projects Date Posted: July 19th, 2014

We were called out this week to do a commercial repaint of a car wash in Phoenix.  The current colors were red and yellow and the owner wanted to change the paint colors to shades of blue.  Take a look at the before photos and you can see what we started with.

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Exterior House Painting – Repaint of the Week

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: July 18th, 2014

We were called a few weeks back by this homeowner, they stated they were in need of a Chandler painting company. The homeowner stated that it had been about 10 years since the house was last painted. We promptly scheduled the estimate and arrived a few days later to walk the property with the owner.

From the street, the house appeared to be in fairly good shape, just a little faded. However, once we walked the property with the Continue Reading


Teenage Birthday Surprise – Interior House Painter

Girls Bedroom 3
Posted By: TPC Posted In: Colors Date Posted: July 17th, 2014

Interior House Painter

A few weeks back we were called out to a home with a special request. A mom wanted to give her 13 year old daughter a room makeover as a birthday surprise.  She wanted to match the walls with the bedsheets and we were able to coordinate the colors perfectly.

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How to Hide Spackle Spots

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Projects Date Posted: July 14th, 2014

People are always asking our AZ painting contractors how to hide spackle spots. If you’ve done a lot of repair to a wall, and there are noticeable spackle spots, you will want to take a few steps before simply painting over them. If not painted over correctly, the spackle spots will stick out in a very obvious way after the job is over. Here are our tips for hiding spackle spots during a paint job. Continue Reading

How to Make a Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Projects Date Posted: June 20th, 2014

(image courtesy of thegrommet)

Maybe your planner isn’t big enough. Maybe you have a spare wall that could use some decorating. Heck, maybe you just have a ton of chalk on hand and you came to your favorite Arizona painter’s website looking for an excuse to use up old chalk. Continue Reading

How to Paint a Stencil Design That Actually Looks Good

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Projects Date Posted: June 9th, 2014

A wall that’s been painted with stencils can look fantastic. Or, as any Phoenix painter knows, it can look terrible. The difference comes down to precision: Are the edges clean and crisp? Or are they smudged and poorly defined? Is the background color constantly interrupted by little accidental strokes? Continue Reading

The Importance of Powerwashing

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: May 29th, 2014

One of the most important steps often skipped in house painting is a thorough pressure wash.  This easy task is often overlooked because it seems so menial.  Some house painters simply use a hose to rinse off the house but this is simply not good enough.  If a proper cleaning is not completed before painting, the new layer of paint will not properly adhere to the surface and you risk having costly peeling issues down the road.  Likely, if they do not pressure wash, they will be gone with you ask for a warranty. Continue Reading

5 Unique Uses for Painter’s Tape

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Projects Date Posted: May 20th, 2014

Painter’s tape doesn’t look like much. It’s not a cult favorite, like duct tape—nor does it have the kind of no-frills ruggedness that everyone loves about electrical tape. No, even Glendale AZ painters like us have to admit that painter’s tape isn’t exactly the most popular of tapes.
But wow, is it useful or what? Continue Reading

How to Paint an Ombre Wall

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Projects Date Posted: May 16th, 2014

Sick of solid colors? Single-tone walls not doing it for you anymore? Let your favorite AZ painting contractors show you how to add a cool gradient effect to any room in your house. Carefully follow these steps, and you’ll have a hip ombré wall in no time. Continue Reading