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“I did not have any problems, at all! They did a great job, with no over spray.”
- Bill J. (Phoenix, AZ)

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Working with Blues

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Colors Date Posted: November 21st, 2013

Here at The Arizona Painting Company, we’ve shared dozens of Tips from a Glendale AZ Painter to help you renovate your home the way you’ve always dreamed.

And just in time for the lower temperatures that go hand in hand with the winter season, our TPCAZ painters will work their way to the cooler end of the spectrum to teach you how to work with the color blue! Continue Reading

Tips from a Mesa Painter: Painting Hardwood Floors

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Projects Date Posted: November 11th, 2013

Any Arizona Painting Company Mesa painter will tell you: sometimes, its just time for a change.

From painting the staircase to working with reds, from painting a mural to introducing a bright new pattern, with cool fall days and family gatherings just around the corner, there is nothing like the feeling (and the look!) of brightening up your home with a color renovation.

But while taking a paintbrush to your walls can make a word of difference, this fall, why not consider going bigger, brighter, and bolder? Continue Reading

Advice from our AZ Painting Contractors: Working with Reds

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Colors Date Posted: October 21st, 2013

From burgundy to chili pepper, our AZ painting contractors have noticed an up-and-coming trend that’s got them seeing red – literally!

But due to its eye catching (and if not done properly, sheer overwhelming) interior or exterior hue, the color red has often been regarded with apprehension and hesitation when it comes to DIY painting projects and brand new renovations.

“What if the red is just too bright,” they ask our house painting Phoenix pros. “What if it takes over the room?” Continue Reading

The Benefits of Hiring a Painting Contractor

Posted By: Molly Posted In: Benefits Date Posted: October 10th, 2013

From Pinterest to HGTV, our house painters in Phoenix know that the do-it-yourself trend is becoming more and more popular every day. And from unique homemade coffee tables to reimagined thrift store décor, DIY can do a fantastic job of helping you brighten up your home.

But the more you pin and the more you create, you’ll probably start to wonder: just where exactly is the DIY line? And for which home improvement projects should you make sure you call in the professionals? Continue Reading

Working with Greys – House Painters Phoenix

Posted By: Molly Posted In: Colors Date Posted: September 20th, 2013

From bold stripes to accent walls, our TPCAZ house painters in Phoenix are always working to stay on top of the season’s latest painting trends. And while many of the newest looks seem to be as fleeting as they are fresh, there are a few trends that strike the perfect balance between Avant-garde and always in style.

Today, our painting professionals are going to shine the TPCAZ spotlight on working with greys. Continue Reading

Tips from an AZ Painter: Painting Tools that Make the Job Easier

Posted By: Molly Posted In: Projects Date Posted: September 10th, 2013

Though the process is always easy and the finished look always stunning when you hire an AZ painter from The Painting Company, sometimes there’s just nothing more fun than renovating a home the DIY way (trust us –we know the feeling well!)

But between splattered paint, uneven lines, and colors that look just a little different than they did on the swatch, our AZ painters also know that undergoing a new interior painting project can get a little complicated every now and then. Continue Reading

Tips from a Scottsdale Painter: Using the Color Finder Tool

Posted By: Molly Posted In: Colors Date Posted: August 12th, 2013

Every Scottsdale painter knows: one of the toughest parts of making a painting transformation is picking the shade that’s just right. From pastels to bold statement colors, deciding upon the perfect palette for your home can be downright difficult.

And though our wonderful painters in Scottsdale can always offer their input and advice when it comes to livening up a space, when it comes right down to it, your room needs to reflect your personal style first and foremost.

But with so many different colors to choose from, how are you to make a decision without first seeing every color on your wall? Continue Reading

Tips from a Scottsdale Painter: How to Paint Your Staircase

Posted By: Molly Posted In: Colors, Projects Date Posted: August 9th, 2013

Our Scottsdale painters know that when thinking about interior painting renovations, it’s easy to think inside the box – literally. Four walls, the ceiling, and even the floor are all surfaces that many people instantly think of when considering a home makeover.

But even though there’s nothing like a fresh new coat of paint to revitalize a room, why not make your next painting project an incredible one?

Why not paint your staircase? Continue Reading

Contractors Tell All: Peter Divito

Posted By: Molly Posted In: Interviews Date Posted: July 25th, 2013

Every month, here at The Arizona Painting Company, we like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on one of our indispensable painters in Scottsdale.

And this month, we’d like you to meet the incredible Peter Divito. Peter is a talented Scottsdale painter originally from Chicago, Illinois who loves painting, spending time outdoors with his dog Zuko (an Australian Shepard, Border collie mix), and traveling around the United States to different electronic music festivals. Continue Reading

Contractors Tell All: Joe Bucko

Posted By: Molly Posted In: Interviews Date Posted: June 28th, 2013

Every month, our experienced house painters in Phoenix share valuable painting tips and tricks to help you renovate your home and brighten up your space.

They’ve talked about the color wheel, they’re talked about going modern, they’ve even talked about painting murals; but this week, they’re going to give you the inside scoop about what it’s like to be a  painting professional for the Arizona painting company. Continue Reading