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  Overall a good...
The actual paint job looks good, however they could have...
by Marty K on 04/27/2015
  Outstanding Value
I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the whole...
by Larry D on 04/27/2015
  See below
First time using AZ Painting Co and found it to be a well...
by Eric P on 04/26/2015
the two men got to work right away and didn't stop until...
by Joann J on 04/25/2015
  Excellent company...
We had a wonderful experience with this company starting...
by Hugo H on 04/25/2015
by Bill W on 04/21/2015
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Treating Wood Walls at Home

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Projects Date Posted: October 16th, 2014

Do you own a house that was built in the wood paneling era? If you are looking for a way to bring a refreshing new look to your drab wood paneled walls here are Arizona Painting Company’s DIY tips for covering your wood walls with an esthetically pleasing coat of paint. There’s no need to hire professional Arizona painter when you can do it yourself. Continue Reading

Mobile Pro Paint Shop

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Colors Date Posted: October 7th, 2014

The Paint Drop by Valspar

Arizona Painting Company is pleased to offer yet another option when it comes to high quality exterior and interior paints.   Not only do we offer Dunn Edwards, PPG, and Sherwin Williams but we also now offer Valspar.  Many of you are familiar with Valspar as they have been  nationally distributed for years.

The Paint Drop now services the Phoenix Valley with their mobile pro paint trucks, offering a solution needed in the paint industry; providing onsite custom color matching, mixing, consulting, and industry leading products for the crews and customers. Continue Reading

Pool Deck Coating

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: October 2nd, 2014

Re-Coat Your Worn Out Pool  Deck

The most common type of pool surround in Arizona is called “Cool Deck” or also spelled “Kool Deck.”  It is one of the least expensive ways to finish off bare concrete for a more finished looking  pool surround.  Cool decking also performs another important function, it keeps your feet from burning on those HOT Arizona summer days!  Most pool deck coatings have some heat reflective properties which keep the decking up to 15 degrees cooler than bare concrete.  This is a welcome feature when you consider concrete temperatures can reach 140 degrees in the direct summer sun. Continue Reading

Why We Are Passionate About Painting

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Uncategorized Date Posted: September 25th, 2014

The entire team at Arizona Painting Company is passionate about painting. From interior to exterior and from residential to commercial painting projects… we love it all. Here are three reasons why we are so passionate about Arizona painting. Continue Reading

Residential Repaint of the Week

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: September 9th, 2014

Gilbert, AZ – Repaint of the Week

Last week Arizona Painting Company was  called out to repaint this home in Gilbert, AZ.  A 3300 sqft 2 story home, our bread and butter.  This painting project was unique because it was actually a new build home that the customer was just wanting a color change from original builder’s color.  Her home was two doors down from the model home that was painted the exact same color so she was having people knocking on her door thinking it was the model!  I can understand her wanting to fix this problem! Continue Reading

5 Famous Painters from Arizona

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Research Date Posted: August 26th, 2014

We may be the best Arizona painters when it comes to the interior or exterior of your home, but we tip our hats to these guys when it comes to high art. These 5 painters hit it big in the New York art scene, but all were originally from Arizona. Some even moved back here! Continue Reading

Preventing Costly Stucco Repairs

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: August 18th, 2014

The Damage Water Can Do

Having a nice green lawn and lush landscaping is a great addition to any yard.  These plants however need water to thrive and in a desert climate like Phoenix that can be hard to come by naturally.  Most homeowners resort to underground sprinkling and drip systems to feed this landscaping and keep it green.  A properly laid out sprinkling plan is very important as it will prevent water from shooting on your home and fence walls and causing accelerated damage to your stucco and foundation, all of which can add up to unnecessary (and costly)  repairs when it comes time to repaint your house. Continue Reading

Painting in Monsoon Season, Phoenix

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: August 13th, 2014

Painting in Monsoon Season, Phoenix

Every summer the residents of Arizona get excited, not because of the 110 degree temperatures or the increased scorpion sightings, but because July and August mean monsoon season!  It means we finally have a chance to see some rain that we’ve most likely not seen since January.  Yes, we don’t like the humidity but we welcome the storms and rain to wash off our dusty homes and streets.

Operating a house painting business in Arizona isn’t like most other areas, we don’t really have to worry about the storms or the weather.  We don’t really even have to pay attention to the forecast, we just know we need to wake up and get ready to paint!  We know that for over 300 days every year we’ll have a bright and sunny day, perfect for painting (as long as its not TOO hot).  Last night and today were however a little different, we got a little treat, a large dark blue cloud rained on us for most of the night and all morning, it  dropped 1/2″ of rain throughout most of the Valley—Arizona Painting Company was  prepared. Continue Reading


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Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: August 12th, 2014

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Paint Tourism: Top 3 Destinations

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Research Date Posted: August 11th, 2014

Sometimes our AZ painting contractors like to turn our eyes to the rest of the world. There’s paint everywhere, you know! We’d embark on a pilgrimage to pay our respects to the great paint sites of the world – if we weren’t so busy slapping fresh coats on commercial and residential properties in the Phoenix Metro area, that is! Continue Reading