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  Absolutely great,...
While there was a scheduling snafu, Robert from Arizona...
by James K on 01/30/2015
Our guys did a great job under terrible weather. They were...
by Kyle S on 01/26/2015
  Quick, Easy, and...
The painters were very friendly and helpful. The customer...
by Nicole M on 01/26/2015
  Exterior of Home...
Great job done by Mick Clark and Jon Spangler on painting...
by Gary H on 01/22/2015
  Quality work
The guys who did our work were great. Our sales...
by robin n on 01/21/2015
  Best choice we...
I would recommend to anyone. Painters were very nice and...
by Sonia W on 01/20/2015
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Residential Repaint of the Week

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: September 9th, 2014

Gilbert, AZ – Repaint of the Week

Last week Arizona Painting Company was called out to repaint this home in Gilbert, AZ.  A 3300 sqft 2 story home, our bread and butter.  This painting project was unique because it was actually a new build home that the customer was just wanting a color change from original builder’s color.  Her home was two doors down from the model home that was painted the exact same color so she was having people knocking on her door thinking it was the model!  I can understand her wanting to fix this problem! Continue Reading

5 Famous Painters from Arizona

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Research Date Posted: August 26th, 2014

We may be the best Arizona painters when it comes to the interior or exterior of your home, but we tip our hats to these guys when it comes to high art. These 5 painters hit it big in the New York art scene, but all were originally from Arizona. Some even moved back here! Continue Reading

Preventing Costly Stucco Repairs

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: August 18th, 2014

The Damage Water Can Do

Having a nice green lawn and lush landscaping is a great addition to any yard.  These plants however need water to thrive and in a desert climate like Phoenix that can be hard to come by naturally.  Most homeowners resort to underground sprinkling and drip systems to feed this landscaping and keep it green.  A properly laid out sprinkling plan is very important as it will prevent water from shooting on your home and fence walls and causing accelerated damage to your stucco and foundation, all of which can add up to unnecessary (and costly) repairs when it comes time to repaint your house. Continue Reading

Painting in Monsoon Season, Phoenix

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: August 13th, 2014

Painting in Monsoon Season, Phoenix

Every summer the residents of Arizona get excited, not because of the 110 degree temperatures or the increased scorpion sightings, but because July and August mean monsoon season!  It means we finally have a chance to see some rain that we’ve most likely not seen since January.  Yes, we don’t like the humidity but we welcome the storms and rain to wash off our dusty homes and streets.

Operating a house painting business in Arizona isn’t like most other areas, we don’t really have to worry about the storms or the weather.  We don’t really even have to pay attention to the forecast, we just know we need to wake up and get ready to paint!  We know that for over 300 days every year we’ll have a bright and sunny day, perfect for painting (as long as its not TOO hot).  Last night and today were however a little different, we got a little treat, a large dark blue cloud rained on us for most of the night and all morning, it dropped 1/2″ of rain throughout most of the Valley—Arizona Painting Company was prepared. Continue Reading


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Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: August 12th, 2014

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June 05, 2014

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Paint Tourism: Top 3 Destinations

Posted By: Savannah Ivanitski Posted In: Research Date Posted: August 11th, 2014

Sometimes our AZ painting contractors like to turn our eyes to the rest of the world. There’s paint everywhere, you know! We’d embark on a pilgrimage to pay our respects to the great paint sites of the world – if we weren’t so busy slapping fresh coats on commercial and residential properties in the Phoenix Metro area, that is! Continue Reading

Job of the Week – House Painter in Peoria, AZ

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Interior Date Posted: August 10th, 2014

Painting Job of the Week – House Painter in Peoria, AZ

This week’s job of the week was a home in Peoria, AZ. completely repainted by our crew foreman Don and his assistant Danny.  This home was just purchased and the new owners wanted to give it a fresh start with a completely neutral paint job.  The interior house painting job was a 4000 sqft, 1 story custom home.  The current paint job was a custom faux glaze throughout on all the walls and ceilings.  This style was very popular a few years back, but times have changed and the new owner wanted something more neutral.  The doors and trim were also painted black and we were to change it back to a pure white, quite a difference!
Continue Reading

Repaint of the Week – Phoenix Painting Company

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: August 2nd, 2014

Repaint of the Week

Painting sure can make a huge difference, it can take an old and outdated home and make it look new again, this weeks featured repaint was no exception.  The winner this week was a single story home in Phoenix, approximately 2500 sqft.  This home had not been painted in over 10 years and it sure shows.

In the photo below you can see how discolored and faded the paint was especially around the front fence wall and the front lower portion of the home where the sprinklers were hitting.  The home has a list of other issues:  The front fence wall also had such bad cracking that it was visible from the street, the patio ceiling was cracked and peeling, the foundation was peeling badly, there was rotted trim boards, the list keeps going on.


Continue Reading

Scottsdale House Painter – After Pictures

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Exterior Date Posted: July 24th, 2014

Scottsdale House Painter

Arizona Painting Company was fortunate enough to land the contract to paint this amazing home in Scottsdale.  It was a 4000 sqft 1 story home with beautiful stained wood around the trim and stone accents around the front of the home.  We really appreciate getting to work on these custom homes because they give us a little break for the normal ‘cookie cutter’ homes that many subdivisions in Phoenix have—-not that we mind those though :).  Being a custom home there are always some unique areas that we have to work around and as an experienced Scottsdale house painter we were up for the challenge. Continue Reading

Commercial Painting Company – Before and After Job

Posted By: TPC Posted In: Commercial Painting Date Posted: July 22nd, 2014

Commercial Painting Company – Strip Mall Repainting

Arizona Painting Company recently finished the painting on this strip mall in Phoenix, AZ.  As a commercial painting company, we always enjoy getting to beautify a building to the extent we did with this one. You can see from the before pictures that the build was very “faded and dated,” it needed a fresh paint coat to say the least. The owner of the complex said that it had not been painted in over 15 years. Continue Reading